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  • Innovative game concept and creation
  • Online business game
  • Online learning application
  • Bespoke CMS and reporting
  • Supportive web design
  • Design management


BSK Internationalisation

Business Support Kent 

Interactive export business game to help business managers understand and engage in international export 

The Need:

Following the recession, business leaders believed that export and global trade offered the means of economic growth.

A European business consortium led by BSK-CIC wanted to help business managers understand and engage in global export. They needed and interesting and engaging way of teaching them how to export and demonstrate the problems and pitfalls if you are not adequately prepared.



The Solution:

Cyberkix developed an interactive online business game based on export where players undertook a journey, shipping cargo by road and sea. Players were encouraged to be strategic in their decision-making and to prepare their business for the export environment.

Some investment decisions were made at the start of the game. As players raced to meet their delivery deadlines, problems were presented and decisions would need to be made or revised, penalties incurred and benefits gained depending in the player’s knowledge, aptitude, strategy and foresight.

Academic expertise within the consortium helped Cyberkix develop robust pedagogical foundations for the game.